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The remarkable Cane Clip is revolutionizing the way growers are tying vines.

Because Cane Clip is less expensive and easier to apply than vine tying products currently being used, you're sure to save money this year - but your going to save a bundle next year! 

Cane Clip may last many years in the field and that means you'll be able use it and reuse it just leaving it on the wire even after mechanical harvesting.

Cane Clip may be used from the earliest phases of train-ing plants all the way through harvest. 

Cane Clip is made from chemically inert materials that will not effect harvested products.

Cane Clip will not girdle the cane. The Clip expands as the vine grows - the larger Clip will expand to securely hold a vine up to 1 in diameter before losing its holding integrity.

The same barbs that help to hold the vine as the cane grows, also make it harder for the vine to turn over..

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